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The handling of the case shall be:

Rigorously Personal

In many competitor law firms, especially if medium-big sized, the client often has to deal with some trainee or colleague of the lawyer (via phone, email, and the like), and then again it often happens that some crucial activities, e.g. the personal attending to the hearings before the Court, are delegated to other professionals rather than the lawyer who is in charge of the case.

This does not happen in SLA, because its policy is to never delegate either the handling of the client or any activity related to the case. The lawyer you deal with, in SLA, will be the only interlocutor for meetings, correspondence (generally by email), consulting (generally by phone calls) and will be the only professional to draft the pleadings and to attend to the hearings before the Court.

So highly-valued is the importance of this aspect for SLA that, when the case is pending before Courts other than those based in Milan, the lawyer will attend personally and without charging travel fees, only repaid of the out-of-pocket costs (e.g. plane, hotel if necessary, etc.). The reason for this is that in the dispute the aim is to reach always the goal, and SLA wants to avoid (to economize on the notoriously high travel fees) the client choosing to delegate activities to a local lawyer, who would never know the details of the case as well as the lawyer who conceived it from the beginning...

This principle applies even when SLA is asked to provide services in fields of activity which require the support of a specialist (e.g. penal/criminal law, administrative law, labour law): SLA will be always in charge of cooperating with the specialist at every request of the client and will provide the latter with all communications and replies. When requested, the client will be able to meet, in SLA, both the lawyer he deals with and the appointed specialist. The advantage is to “follow” the client without directing him to another law firm, but offering him the same interlocutor, who will comply with the high-level quality standards of the law firm SLA, and will ensure that the professional chosen as a specialist for the cooperation will do likewise.

Absolutely Efficient

Membership to EUROJURIS, the first network of law firms in Italy to be awarded with the Quality Certification (ISO 9001), requires compliance with internal quality standards concerning fees, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness and confidentiality.

REPORTS: As a proof of promptness, our practice is to send to clients via email the report of the hearings held before the Courts not later than the same day, or preferably within a few hours.

ADVISING AND UPDATING: Similarly, all clients’ requests via email are processed within 1 working day. The process, in most of the cases, will lead to a solution, unless a specific study of the case details is needed, to be done in an agreed time.

APPOINTMENTS: SLA clients can schedule personal appointments (at the office, Via Ponzio 78, or at the client, in the case of companies) or by phone, which will take place as soon as possible and with the utmost punctuality.

Scrupulously Accurate

We believe in the value of the specific expertise and attention to details.It is not enough to be expert: everybody knows that some professionals, just because they are experienced and expert in their field, handle the case with condescension and superficiality.

SLA’s mission is, on the one side, to provide expertise –to that end taking care of thorough rigorous education and professional updating - and, on the other, to be humble and committed, with the aim of devoting to the case a greater number of working hours than we expect our counterparty will give.

So often a case is similar to a chess game: should a player have twice the time his rival has, the advantage could be decisive!

Our goal is to win. That is why we are prepared to sacrifice (on the firm’s side) in order to succeed (for our client).

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Stefano è un tipo di avvocato molto "efficace", nel senso che ha uno stile di lavoro sempre orientato a perseguire con tenacia l'ottenimento di risultati concreti

Francesco Mangiameli -Tax Partner at Studio Caramanti Ticozzi & Partners

Being a representative of an International Group doing business in Italy we have had very good use of the professional services of Mr. Stefano and his firm.

Johan Janing - CFO Mediaplanet

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